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How to shop at Jonart Design over the Internet.

This page is designed as a step-by-step guide to successful shopping at Jonart Design

1. Are you Enabled?

To conduct a successful shopping transaction at Jonart Design, first & foremost you should have sufficient software enabled on your computer to converse with the transactional aspect of our website. This software is called JAVA and to make sure it is switched on, please:

a) Pull down the EDIT button on the menu bar of your browser, and then go to PREFERENCES.

b) In Preferences, look for the JAVA button in the WEB BROWSER section, and click on it. The first box you should see will be one marked JAVA ENABLED - make sure this is 'checked' to start shopping

2. AOL users- please note!

If you're using old versions of AOL, then we're afraid there may be a few more problems. Because it's a rather autocratic browser, it may not converse directly with the transactional part of our website. Therefore, you may have to log on through AOL, then open another browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator versions 3 and above for example) and then access our website...

3. Old Browsers & Slow Connections

If you have an older browser and would like to upgrade, both Microsoft and Netscape have sites from which current versions may be downloaded. If the computer you are using is an older model, say, 486/66MHz and slower, then it may be that the response will slow somewhat as the number of items added to your basket increases.  If this is the case, please be patient whilst your processor handles the data.

4. OK - now you can shop.

Once you re-arrived at Jonart Design - by any other means than AOL and with Java Enabled - then you should be able to follow this procedure to shop on-line. If, however, you still can't complete your shopping expedition successfully, then please refer to Alternative Shopping Methods later in this introduction.

Alongside each of the items illustrated on the shopping pages of Jonart Design you will find an 'Add To Shopping Basket' button. Click it to add a product to your basket.

5. Reviewing the Situation.

As soon as you have added a product to your basket, you will be transferred to the REVIEW PAGE where you can see the current contents of your basket.You can also get to this page by pressing the Review Basket button which is also next to the item of your choice.The action of transferring to the Review Page confirms that the product has been added to your basket. (Customers outside the EU: Please note you will pay the price in the column marked ``total Excl. VAT" and all references to VAT on this page may be ignored.)

6. Removing items from your shopping basket.

You can also use the Review Page to REMOVE an item from your basket (click on the `remove' checkbox at the right of the line against the item you no longer require); CONTINUE SHOPPING by clicking the button which returns you to the page from which you ordered the last item added to the basket; or return to the SHOP ENTRANCE (the first page of Jonart Design) by pressing the button labelled `Shop Entrance'

And finally, it may be that you decide that you need to make some different choices and you now wish to empty your basket and start over again.  If this is the case, press the `Empty Basket' button.

7. Finished Shopping?

Once you've selected the items you'd like to purchase and added them to the SHOPPING BASKET, please click the red GO TO CHECKOUT button at the top of the screen you should see whenever you Review your Shopping Basket.

8. One moment please.

This will take you to the transactional part of the website. Please let ALL BOXES on the screen appear before progressing further. When ALL the boxes are in view, please complete your name, address, telephone and e-mail details: then click the "NEXT >>" button at bottom right of your screen.

9. Selecting a method of Payment.

From the new screen, pull down the "SELECT PAYMENT METHOD" button and click the CREDIT CARD VIA SECURE SERVER option. Then click (once) the SEND ORDER NOW button.

10. An Alert - but it's OK.

You will be presented with an ALERT screen - click OK to proceed further.

11. Securing your Credit Card Details.

Enter the cardholder name, the card type, the card number and the expiry date using the boxes and buttons provided.

12.. Finally click the TRANSMIT button (once only).

You should now receive confirmation that the order and payment have been accepted via the Secure Server... and all should be well!

Alternative Shopping and Payment Methods.

1) You can e-mail us your telephone number and a convenient time to call, and we'll telephone you at the appointed hour to take the details of your order or payment.

2) You can fax us the details of your order on 01379 677228 (if you're calling from outside UK, then its +44 1 379 677228)

3) You can phone us with the details of your order on 01379 677710 (if you're calling from outside UK, then it's +44 1 379 677710).

4) Finally, you can mail your order and cheque or credit card details to Jonart Design, Spalding's Hall, Long Lane, Burston,Norfolk, IP22 5UQ, UK.

Please help us... to help you.

If you experience any problems shopping on-line at Jonart Design, please let us know. Only by knowing that you're experiencing some difficulties or perhaps find aspects of the process frustrating or possibly troublesome - will be be able to fix them, to our mutual benefit. Your e-mail with details of the problems would be much appreciated. Thank you.



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